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Jacksonville Stage Rentals

Southern Sound and Lighting can provide mobile or permanent stage’s for concerts, festivals and events in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Our mobile stages have been used multiple times in downtown Jacksonville for different festivals and events in, St. Augustine, Orange Park, Fernandina Beach and Yulee.

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We have two standard mobile stage options; 24×32 and 40×40. Each one of these stages can be increased in size with additional loading docks, side stages for monitor world and/or cat walks. Mobile stages have many benefits to them such as quicker set up and take down times. Our mobile stages also allow us to hang lights, line arrays, banners and signs from the roof and outriggers.

If you need a custom built stage, we can do that too. We can offer you custom configured stage that specifically fits in Hemming Plaza if needed. When events are in interesting spaces, we can help! Southern Sound and Lighting can help built a stage and roof system to fit almost any dimension and space.

Call us today for a custom quote for your stage rental needs!

Music Festival Production

Music Festival season has started in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. The kick of starts in March and goes through November, for the most part. Southern Sound and Lighting would love to be part of your music festival or entertainment event. The South is known for great weather and that is why sponsors, promoters, music artists and concert patrons flock to the South for great live music events.

The staff at Southern Sound and Lighting has participated in thousands of concerts and events all over the country and their industry knowledge and experience can help you make event the best. Our audio engineers are some of the very best in the industry and our lighting directors, stage managers, and video directors are top notch. Their combined experience makes them an A team for your event.

Southern Sound and Lighting has produced festivals on the beach, in fields, parking lots, metro downtowns, and in stadiums. We can build a stage, hang a line array, create a custom light package and build video walls anywhere!
No matter what genre of music that your festival will be, we can help. Southern Sound and Lighting is the production company for many country music festivals, rock events, Christian festivals, blues and Jazz.

If you are looking for a turn-key production package, please give us a call at Southern Sound and Lighting and let us discuss your current needs and come up with a custom quote for your upcoming event!

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Gulf Coast Jam Beach Stage Southern Sound and Lighting

Why Southern Sound and Lighting?

Whether you are a concert promoter, a festival producer or the chair of the county fair hiring the right production company to handle the entertainment can make or break your event.

Live entertainment draws the large crowds and keeps people at your event – thus keeping your food, beverage and merchandise vendors happy. The longer the crowds stay at your event or festival the more money they will spend, thus giving all of your sponsors a greater return on their investment with you.

There are many elements to producing a successful event and it starts way before the festival gates open.
When you hire a professional production company like Southern Sound and Lighting, we will ensure you have the right audio, lighting, staging and video that will fit your needs. We will help you determine your audio needs based on the size of crowds you are expecting and the technical riders of the entertainment you have hired. If you need us to communicate with the bands and tour managers we can take care of that for you too. The team at Southern Sound and Lighting has not only managed festivals but have also been on nationwide/international tours , so advancing shows and navigating contracts is something we would be happy to help you with.

Lighting packages can be customized to any needs. Depending on the times of the festival or event and the hired entertainment, we have many options to fit any needs. Lighting has become an important aspect to the fan experience. Not only is the quality of the sound important – but the lighting of the event plays a major factor. At Southern Sound and Lighting, we have keeping up with the latest technology when it comes to moving lights. Our team can design a custom look for your event using a variety of lighting options. Make all the pictures of the event stand out with an awesome lighting package!

If you need a stage for your event, we can help with that too! We have mobile stage options along with custom built stages using Stage Right Stage decks that can be configured to almost any size. It is important to look at the quality of the stage and roof and how well it has been maintained. Every promoter uses pictures and videos from the event/festival/concert to promote next year’s event. The quality of the equipment makes a difference to sponsors and the overall look and feel of the event.

Video is an important part of the experience for large concerts, festivals and events. Video boards allow fans and spectators to get up close views of the entertainers on stage…even if they are not in your VIP pits. Like sound systems and lighting packages…there are many different video options with different size screens or video walls. Not only are there different configurations and hanging options, but there are different ways for the video crews to capture all the important moments. Video is vital to the promotions of future events in showing spectators and sponsors the feel and mood of the event.

The team at Southern Sound and Lighting would love to help you with your next concert, event or festival. We promise to use our years of experience and knowledge in helping you create and/or maintain a quality event. Our philosophy is to build long term relationships with all of our clients. It is imperative for our clients to feel like we are part of their team in making their event a success. You can always depend on us for fair pricing, quality equipment, great service and excellent advice!

If you are not our client, call us today for a free quote!

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Concert Stage Rentals in Florida

If you are a promoter, event coordinator or organization that is looking for a  stage for your festival or event…give us a call!  We will be happy to provide you a free quote.  When you give us a call we will go over all aspects of your event with you and make a recommendation based on what your needs are.  The staff at Southern Sound and Lighting have years of concert and festival experience and we can customize a concert/event package to fit your needs and your budget.

There are many stage options that we can offer, however, many events find that a mobile stage is right for them.  Southern Sound and Lighting offers two main sizes for a mobile stage; 32×24 and 40×40.  Additional loading doc areas, cat walks, and monitor worlds can be built off of these mobile stages.   Other sizes of mobile stages are available too, just give us a call to discuss.

If you need a concert or event stage and a mobile stage won’t do, we use Stage Right decks to build custom configurations.  Our platforms are 4×4 or 4×8 and can be 12″ to 60″ inches in height.  Most of our roofing systems are built using Thomas Truss.

Southern Sound and Lighting also offers VIP stage decks – which is a great addition to a large festival.

For more information about our stage options and roof systems for your next event, give us a call at 229-305-6983 or email us at

32x24 Mobile Stage

32×24 Mobile Stage

40x40 Mobile Stage

40×40 Mobile Stage

VIP Stage Decks

VIP Stage Decks

The Australian Bee Gees

Southern Sound and Lighting is the official audio production company for The Australian Bee Gees North American Tour!  Owner, Mark LeFiles and Audio/Lighting Engineer Kyle are providing FOH and monitors sound and a sound package for the 10 week, 56 show date tour.   The Australian Bee Gee’s show also headlines in Las Vegas, if you can not catch one of the many show dates around the country.

The tour is coming to Florida at the end of March through the beginning of April – check the website for venues and times!

This is an exciting tour to be on.  It is a high energy show that highlights the Bee Gees career throughout the decades.  It has an amazing light show, complete with disco balls, entertaining video that takes you back in time….and the sound is pretty fantastic too.

Southern Sound and Lighting can provide staff and equipment for tours, give us a call today to get a custom quote.






Maurice Gibb


Robin Gibb


Barry Gibb

NYE Church Concert

Many churches and religious organizations are starting to host concerts and events on their property for their congregations.   Southern Sound and Lighting has a perfect setup with a mobile stage, line array system and different lighting packages – we can help you to create a successful, affordable event.

Mobile Stage

Mobile Stage

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Wainwright Family Foundation – Dierks Bentley and Thomas Rhett

Adam Wainwright, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and his wife, Jenny, started the Wainwright Family Foundation to help local charities and aid Water Missions International.  They held a benefit concert in their hometown of Brunswick Georgia. The artist line up included Dierks Bentley, Thomas Rhett, Craig Campbell, Amber Delacruz and Justen Harden.

This event was held on the Brunswick Football field, a sold out event!

Southern Sound and Lighting provided the sound, stage, lighting and video boards  for the Wainwright Foundation.

Adam Wainwright Foundation Benefit Concert

Adam Wainwright Foundation Benefit Concert

Brunswick Football Field

Brunswick Football Field

Adam and Jenny Wainwright Foundation - Southern Sound and Lighting

Adam and Jenny Wainwright Foundation – Southern Sound and Lighting

Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell

Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley

Honky Tonk Gala – Wainwright Family Foundation

The Wainwright Foundation hosted a private benefit concert, featuring Thomas Rhett.  This private event was held at the King and Prince on St. Simons Island.  This event supported Adam and Jenny’s foundation and helped to raise money to provide clean drinking water in countries that need it most.

Southern Sound and Lighting is proud to partner with this great organization and provide the sound, stage and lights for this event.

King and Prince Resort Private Event

King and Prince Resort Private Event

Wainwright Family Foundation

Wainwright Family Foundation



Lannadoo Festival

The Lannadoo Festival in Jax Beach has become one of the most anticipated events of the year at the Seawalk Pavilion.  This year the Lannadoo Festival was a two day event that included lots of live music, beer, Irish food, games, a kids zone and merchandise!

Lannadoo was responsible for bringing in one of the biggest acts ever to preform at the Seawalk Pavilion….Flogging Molly!  They are described as the “Garth Brooks” of “Irish Music.”  And judging by the crowds…they were right! This festival is free to the public, but you can purchase VIP seating, which is a wise idea!

Southern Sound and Lighting provided the sound and lighting for this event.

Lannadoo Festival

Lannadoo Festival

Mark running sound

Mark running sound

The Willis Clan

The Willis Clan

Flogging Molly at Lannadoo Festival

Flogging Molly at Lannadoo Festival

Lannadoo Fest in Jax Beach

Lannadoo Fest in Jax Beach


Jo Dee Messina – Private Event

Private events…we do that!  Southern Sound and Lighting can provide sound, stage and/or lighting for any event….of any size.  This private event featured country superstar Jo Dee Mesina!  The event decor was provided by Beachview Event and they did an amazing job turning a regular tent into a cozy lodge!

Southern Sound and Lighting provided a sound system, lighting and a stage.

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