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Backwoods Country Jam

Outside of Jacksonville, in the town of Callahan Florida was the site of the Backwoods Country Jam featuring Justin Moore, Jason Michael Carrol, Amber DeLacruz, Jon Langston, 309C and Justen Harden.

In the back woods of Callahan, country boys and girls showed up in their 4×4’s for a good old fashion country concert…complete with enough mud to get the boots a little dirty.

It was an awesome event with great music!

Southern Sound and Lighting was the proud production partner of Backwoods Country Jam.

Backwoods Country Jam

Backwoods Country Jam



Mobile Stage Rental

For Rent: Custom Built Mobile Stage 32 x 24

This mobile stage is the perfect size for most festivals, concerts and corporate events. The flexibility of the stage allows you to fly or stack the PA, fly lights and hang multiple sponsorship banners.  Banner options include; headers, stage, backdrop and over the PA fly bars. You can see different options below.

The mobile stage takes approximately two hours to put up and an hour and half to take down.

The weight limits are; 2,000 pounds SL and SR for PA hang, 1,000 pounds center points upstage and downstage hang, 10,500 weight capacity on deck.  The stage also comes with 1 8×8 drum riser, 2 sets of stairs, with additional options of; loading ramp, additional risers, catwalk, front of house platform, and loading dock.

This stage is OSHA certified and carries certificates with it on all job sites.

Rental of the stage includes; delivery, tech on site and to assist with set up and tear down.  We will travel anywhere the stage is needed!

Call 904.683.8139 (office) or 229.305.6983 (cell) for more information and talk to Mark

or email mark@southernsoundandlighting.com


Freedom_Fest_Orange_Park_FL_Southern_Sound_Lighting Taste_of_the_Town_Center_Jax_Southern_Sound_Lighting Roscolusa_Southern_Sound_Lighting Florida_Country_Super_Fest_Jax_Florida

* Please note that the Florida Country Superfest Stage used additional scaffolding in front of the PA for signage

Festival – Celtic Festival in Jacksonville Beach

Southern Sound and Lighting was proud to join the Destination Planning Corp team to assist them in the full production of the Jacksonville Beach Celtic Festival.  Our team at SSL provided a JBL Vertec, Crown i-tech Power, LS9 digital mixing consuls, 60k of lighting, 24 LED lights and 10 movers.

This was the first annual Jax Beach Celtic Festival and we are looking forward to the next one.  Talent from all over the USA and Ireland performed on the stage.  Food tents, beer tents, and plenty of Celtic vendors participated.  The kid zone full of bounce houses and activities made this festival family fun!

Southern_Sound_and_Lighting_Celtic_Fest Southern_Sound_and_Lighting_Celtic_Fest_Crew Southern_Sound_and_Lighting_Celtic_Fest_Night